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What is skype and how would I benefit from using it?
Some strange things happening when I'm trying to use one or more of the web sites I usually visit. Why is that?
What's the best way to create back up of my work, photos, music, videos, etc?
Is there an easy way to transfer all of the data from one PC or laptop to another?
I need to use office apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) on my home PC but am wondering whether there's a way to avoid having to buy the Microsoft Office suite?
Why does my PC or laptop not connect to the internet? If I look at the status of the network connection it says 'connected' with 'local access only'.
My internet service provider claims that I'm getting a connection speed of X but it doesn't seem like it's very fast. How can I test my line speed to see whether I'm getting what's expected?
The signal strength of my wireless connection is typically low and sometimes disconnects. Why is that and what can I do about that?
What Is Tethering?
How do I know how much data I should allow for when choosing a tariff for my mobile broadband?
I've been asked to convert a bunch of Word and other assorted documents into PDF format. Is there an easy and inexpensive way of doing that?
My laptop battery doesn't last anywhere near as long as it used to when my laptop's disconnected from the mains. Why is that?
What's a rootkit?
What is malware?
Can I get my 3G dongle to work with my Android tablet?


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